1st ever Rocket League Asia (RLA) Community Cup 3s

First ever RLA Community Cup has been streamed on RocketLeagueAsia Twitch offering the reward of :

  1. USD 30$ + 3x “Rocket League” Cap
  2. 3x Rocket League Poster
  3. 3x Rocket League Magnets


Supreme Champion: Rule The Sky

Worthy Adversary: Muffin Stuffers

Maybe Next Time: LBDLT

4th place: Shivering Sky Gods
5th place tie:   Kamikaze
7th place tie:   Imperial
9th place tie:   G-Effect
13th place tie: Team Erase
                         Salt Squad
                         T3AM V0ID


Casters :

  • Pro.ton
  • ALS
  • InanimateJ
  • Tr0ubl3z

source :

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