Fan artist fuses Pokémon into creatively cute combinations

We’re more than a tad disappointed we’ll never be able to catch these fusion versions in any of the games.

In the past, we’ve seen cosplay inspired by Pokémon fused with other games, but it turns out that there’s a whole other world of fan art featuring Pokémon fused with other Pokémon, too.

Artist and Twitter user Nintendobratkat has been making these Pokémon combos since 2014, and at one time had the goal of fusing Pikachu with all 150 original anime characters. The task proved a bit too tedious, however, and she decided it would be more worthwhile to devote her time to taking requests instead.

Just take a look at these cute combinations, and you’ll see just why she’s gotten so many points on popular image sharing site Imgur.

#036 Pikafable (2014)

Pokemon Fusion – Starmie + Farfetch'd

Pokemon Fusion – Umbreon + Ditto

Pokemon Fusion – Pikachu + Bulbasaur

Pokemon Fusion – Pikachu + Ivysaur

Pokemon Fusion – Pikachu + Venasaur

#005 Pikameleon (2014)

Pokemon Fusion – Raichu + Blissey + Audino

Credits to : en.rocketnews24


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